Honey Bees Are Helped Studies Show

Here is a link to the article, published last Thursday, October 4th, in the journal Nature: Scientific Reports indicating a viral reduction in honey bees.  This is a huge milestone in the work to help honey bees overcome CCD and to secure the food supply for future generations.

Congratulations to Paul Stamet’s and researchers at Washington State University along with four other FP employees who are coauthors: Henry Moershel, Regan Nally, Alex Taylor, and David Sumerlin.  Applause to this coauthor team!
Here is a list of major outlets that have published stories on the research so far:


You Too Can Help Give Bees A Chance!

You can help to promote this global mission.  We welcome all chains and independent retailers to join the Host Defense® BeeFriendly™ Initiative by contacting us and PCN to learn more.

Everyone can help!  Here are seven simple ways…

7 Ways to Help Save Bees