Our Mission Statement

Pacific Coast Naturals is a brokerage with a proven sales team devoted to representing only the best health products for the well-being of people and the planet. PCN works only with select manufacturers who derive their ingredients from fair trade organic, bio-dynamic, wild-crafted and sustainable harvest sources.

About Pacific Coast Naturals

Pacific Coast Naturals is an independent brokerage with a long-standing reputation for representing the finest quality lines in the natural health food industry. We are a full-service brokerage that covers southern California from San Luis Obispo south to the Mexican border as well as Las Vegas and Arizona.

Pacific Coast Naturals consists of two partners, our President, Darryl Biel and Landis McIntire who serves as Vice President. Our additional staff  includes a sales director, an administrative assistant and nine sales representatives. All of our field personnel are experienced in retail sales, having worked in the vitamin or body care departments in at least one of the major southern California chains. This retail background provides our staff with insight into the challenges and needs of our clients and how to best serve our many and varied accounts.  PCN also strategically schedules and coordinates a full staff of demo providers. Demos are targeted to support special events, promotions and maximize sales.

PCN assures that our manufacturer’s products are properly merchandised, priced, promoted and displayed in each store. There is a priority for product education as an instrument for building sales. Category reviews, promotions, new product submissions, special events and management coordination are strategically planned with key buyers at regularly scheduled meetings. All of our accounts are seen on a regular basis. POP materials and other supportive literature are circulated and displayed for maximum exposure.

PCN entertains an excellent working relationship with the following retail chains: Mother’s Market, Sprouts, Lassen’s, Jimbo’s Naturally, and Erewhon  as well as key independent stores such as Co-opportunity, Ocean Beach People’s Market, Follow Your Heart and California Fresh. PCN also works with regional and national distributors.

Pacific Coast Naturals is proud to represent a small selection of high-quality manufacturers. We limit the number of lines we carry so the maximum amount of attention can be devoted to every vendor in our lineup.