Beauty Inside and Out

Beauty Inside and Out

A Co-Branded Dinner Training with Acure Organics and Nordic Naturals

On the evening of July 12, 2016, PCN hosted a co-branded dinner training at the Westside Tavern, Los Angeles. Training for Acure Organics whose all-natural and effective products create beauty outwardly and Nordic Naturals whose high-quality Omega supplements provide the beauty by nutritional support from within. Educators Tammy Ball (Acure) and Karla Schmidt (Nordic Naturals) together with Pacific Coast Naturals coordinated this special dinner training.  Ossie Cohen was the “game show host” providing product and brand-themed games that were engaging and caused everyone to have an enjoyable time. It was a great evening with 60 people attending representing about 20 different southern California stores. Informationally packed presentations where prizes were given: Nordic Naturals beach bags, product, movie tickets and even hand made jewelry created especially by Kristen Biel, Darryl’s wife. From the beginning the guests were given samples and provided with a wonderful dinner prepared by the chefs at Westside Tavern. As we were winding up the night, some of the staff at Westside Tavern mentioned they had not seen a dinner training with so much participation and fun. To that, I thought, “now that is how we roll”…meaning, Pacific Coast Naturals with two of our vendors working together creating… another thing of beauty.
Thank you, everyone, for your time, hard work, support, and participation in the success of the evening’s dinner training. Special thanks to Karla and Tammy for jobs well done, and to Westside Tavern for the great eats and fine service. Now to the brain-child…way to go Ossie!



Acure_Nordic_PCN Fun Group

First our awesome educators: Karla Schmidt of Nordic Naturals and Tammy Ball of Acure Organics. That’s the gals. Now us men of PCN: Bruce Weyman, Ossie Cohen, and Darryl Biel.

Acure_Nordic Dinner Training Guests

This is you! Our dinner training guests. Check out our post on Facebook. Just click the FB icon on the side of your screen. While you’re there, tag yourself and comment your store name. High-five everyone!!!