Nordic Naturals Carter’s Kids Playground Build

Nordic Naturals Carter’s Kids Playground Build


Congratulations to Webster’s Elementary School in Long Beach…Winners of the Nordic Naturals and Carter’s Kids Playground 

It all started with an initiative from Nordic Naturals and Carter’s Kids teaming up to provide underprivileged children to win a new playground where they can run, be happy and be healthy.  From July to September, Pacific Coast Naturals joined in to set up promotions with our region’s natural channel stores to sell Nordic Natural’s Children’s products. The “BUY A BOTTLE, BUILD A PLAYGROUND” initiative is where Nordic Naturals donated money and time for some very deserving kids to promote their health and well-being. The winner chosen by Carter’s Kids?  Webster’s Elementary School in Long Beach!

Then the day came to build it – a Nordic Natural’s nautical themed playground befitting the seaside community of Long Beach. From 8:00 AM to it’s finish it was hot and grueling work. But when we heard the sound of giggling kids we stopped, looked, and then all of the sweat and hard work was worthwhile…seeing these happy kids, jumping up and down while hanging on to the chain-link fence happy that they will have a new place to play.

Pacific Coast Naturals would like to thank everyone: the Nordic Naturals team with Jackie Hansmann and Lauren Wilkins, Carter Oosterhouse, Carter’s Kids, the sales team at PCN, and a special thanks to all of the volunteers from Sprout’s who showed up to help build the playground.  It could not have been done without all of you.